Chris Paul to the Knicks?

The Knicks have long been known to go after big-name stars. They usually either fail to attract them (Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving last summer, LeBron James in 2010), or they get them too late in their careers (Steve Francis, Antonio McDyess, and Tracy McGrady). Continue reading

Where do the Bulls Go Now?

The Chicago Bulls. 6 rings. Michael Jordan. 4th most valuable franchise. If you look back at NBA history, the Bulls are often looked at as a premier franchise. While they have not won a ring since Michael Jordan was 6 in 8 years, until the last few years, the Bulls were still a playoff team. Having very competitive teams led by Derrick Rose and a stifling defense, the Bulls put together playoff runs and may have even gotten a ring or at least a finals appearance were it not for LeBron James and the “Heatles”. But in recent years, the Bulls have been losing. And not just losing. They have been stuck taking a few steps forward and then taking more back. It has seemed like a rebuild with little progress and even worse, one without a clear direction. Continue reading

Gregg Popovich Talks With San Antonio Food Bank

During these tough times, essential service workers are making sure that the quarantine lifestyle is as comfortable as possible. In San Antonio, Gregg Popovich, a beloved and well-respected coach for the hometown Spurs, recently hopped on a conference call with staff from the San Antonio Food Bank. The food bank recently fed 10,000 households, the most they had ever served. The staff appreciated the call especially since they had been running low on staff and resources. Popovich dug into his bag of stories and leadership advice to help inspire them.

Karl-Anthony Towns’ Mother Passes

Monday afternoon, Karl-Anthony Towns revealed that his mother died from complications due to the coronavirus. The 58-year-old mother was known as her sons’ biggest fan. Many have seen her at Towns’ games and she was of course there for him when he was drafted 1st by the Timberwolves. Towns posted about his parents both getting the coronavirus and about how his mother was in a medically induced coma. In the video, Towns spoke about what he and his family were going through and shed some light on how some of the symptoms and the battles that the families of those impacted are fighting. Those around the basketball world reacted and expressed their shock and devastation to the news.

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Gar Forman Out

The Chicago Bulls are revamping their front-office after several underwhelming years. They have recently parted ways with Forman, who had worked with the Bulls since 1998. Arturas Karnisovas, a former Lithuanian basketball player, will take over for Forman as the vice president of basketball operations. Forman has been criticized by Bulls fans, but his talent as a scout was never questioned. He had some questionable picks like Marquis Teague and Doug McDermott, but those around the league believe he will be coveted as a scout. Now with Forman out, Bulls fans wanted John Paxon, who had also been criticized over the last few years, to be let go as well. But instead, he was assigned a new position as the senior advisor of basketball operations.

Alternate Melo Reality Pt. 2

If Carmelo Anthony were drafted by the Pistons….. That is what we have been talking about this week and we finish it off with what happens to Anthony, the Pistons, and the rest of the league in this hypothetical. So let’s say the Pistons take Anthony and they beat the Lakers like they did and by substituting Anthony in for the likes of Bob Sura, and Darvin Ham, they beat the Spurs. So we are now in year 3 of the Carmelo Anthony experiment. Continue reading

Ben Wallace and the Hall of Fame Dilemma


We took a look at the Detroit Pistons of the early and mid-2000s and shed some light on Ben Wallace’s comments about Carmelo Anthony. While Ben Wallace has been in the media recently for this opinion, Ben Wallace has actually been in the media around this time of year for the last few years. Why you might ask? Ben Wallace is the NBA’s, Mike Mussina. Continue reading

Does Carmelo Anthony Win in Detroit?

Carmelo Anthony recently spoke about what would have happened had he been drafted by the Detroit Pistons instead of Darko Milicic. Anthony believes he would have won at least 2 rings with them, and he has every right to feel that way. Continue reading

Most Underrated, Underappreciated, and Misrepresented Players

Missing the game more and more every day, we decided to take a look back at some of the more underappreciated players in NBA history. Most of these guys are players that were properly appreciated and respected during their careers, but most of these players either do not get talked about enough today or are misrepresented by younger or more casual fans. Continue reading