Logan Couture Expected to Sign 8 Year/$64 Million Extension: How This Could Change the Tavares Situation

Logan Couture is about to enter into the final year of his current contract of 5 years/$30 million. However, this contract would be worth two million more dollars a season all the way through the 2026-27 NHL season.

This will not directly affect San Jose in the upcoming season, but this may leave them with less money to give to Tavares in their attempt to sign him.

The salary cap can be unpredictable, and it has put teams like the Chicago Blackhawks in a bind in recent years when the cap either went down or didn’t increase as much as predicted.

We can’t forget that Brent Burns also has a lengthy contract that just began last season; he has an $8 million cap hit all the way through the 2024-25 season when he will be 39 years old; he is already 33 right now.

It is also worth mentioning, however, that Couture and Tavares are both centers.  Having Tavares as a first line center, Couture as a second line center and Jumbo Joe (possibly resigning for cheap) as a third line center for a season would provide very talented and experienced center depth that could be a huge help to the rest of the team.

This should not affect the Sharks too much in their attempt to acquire Tavares via free agency, but the extra $2 million to Couture starting next season on top of Burns’s lengthy contract may make San Jose a little more skeptical in how much they are willing to offer to Tavares.


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