Toronto Raptors Fire Dwane Casey

The Toronto Raptors have had their only 50-win seasons in their last 3 seasons and all of them have come under Dwane Casey. He has been regarded as one of the better coaches in the NBA but the Raptors have been underwhelming in the playoffs and have especially struggled against LeBron James and the Cavaliers.

“After careful consideration, I have decided this is a very difficult but necessary step the franchise must take,” Raptors president Masai Ujiri said in a statement. Ujiri went on to say, “As a team, we are constantly trying to grow and improve in order to get to the next level. We celebrate everything Dwane has done for the organization, we thank him, and we wish him nothing but the best in the future. He was instrumental in creating the identity and culture of who we are as a team, and we are so proud of that.”

Kyle Lowry voiced his opinion on the firing and talked about how although he and Casey didn’t always see eye to eye, he respects and appreciates what he did for him and the team. Brad Stevens, Tyron Lue, and LeBron James were some of the others around the league that talked about how much success Casey did have and how he changed the culture of the franchise. Going forward, the Raptors will take a close look at¬†Mike Budenholzer,¬†assistant Nick Nurse and G League coach Jerry Stackhouse.

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