What Happened to the Yankees and will it Continue?

The New York Yankees started out 4-7 this year and while nobody panicked, some were surprised at their slow start. The Yankees were 1 game away from the World Series and yes, the team did go through some changes through the offseason, but with the young core and the bullpen back along with the addition of Giancarlo Stanton, many believed that they would get off to a better start. Fast forward a couple weeks and a Didi Gregorius hot streak and now they stand at 14-9.

In the 12 games since, the pitching has been a lot better and have only given up 1 runs 4 times during that span and gave up more than 5 runs just 4 times. And on top of an improved pitching staff, the offense has suddenly caught fire. Aaron Judge is doing Aaron Judge things hitting .345 with 7 homers and Didi Gregorius (.372, 9HR, 29RBI)has catapulted himself into the MVP talks as he is off to a historic start for his position. But to be frank both of those players had great seasons last year. The surprise has been Miguel Andujar who tied the Yankees record for 7 straight games with an extra base hit.

Yankees fans can also rest easy knowing that they are getting healthier. Aaron Hicks came back recently and Greg Bird, Billy McKinney, Tommy Kahnle, and Brandon Drury are all on their way back as well. Any team though, can get hot, and the difficulty will be maintaining it. And whether the Yankees can maintain it or not will depend on a few things. Health is always a key and variable that cannot be predicted. The Yankees will need to either hope that the starting pitching stays good or that the bullpen gets more consistent as they have not been the unit that they were last year. The offense will also need to stay consistent and that will probably require Stanton to get back to form as it is hard to keep asking Judge and Gregorius to carry the team on their backs.

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