Confederate Flag Flown Near NCAA Tournament Venue

By: Kento Kato

The NCAA had been dealing with troubles with politically charged events regarding the Southern region in the NCAA basketball tournament. They originally planned to host the games in North Carolina but decided to have it moved when they passed the HB2 bill which limits protection to LGBT people. It continued today when a group of protesters flew a confederate flag near the arena hosting two of the men’s NCAA tournament games. They small group that is responsible for flying the flag arrived on the scene today and planned to stay throughout the games to make their presence known to the NCAA. But the Greenville police had the group move the truck about 50 feet away in fear of safety of others if the truck had tipped due to the flag.


By the afternoon, there were about a dozen protestors, with many of them carrying a confederate flag, across the street from the arena’s main entrance. When asked about the situation, Dave Gavitt, an NCAA executive, said that they would not permit symbols compromising a safe environment on venue property the tournament controls. He added that all other areas are under the city’s jurisdiction and the NCAA supports their efforts to control the city and all things related to freedom of speech.





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