CBS Sports Throws Up an Airball to Start the Tournament

By: Kento Kato

CBS is often positively associated with the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament as they televise many of the games. But that was not the case for many fans on Thursday as thousands of fans who wanted to fill out their brackets at the last minute, were denied their picks due to site crashing around 11a.m. EDT. It stayed down for about two hours, and since the games started at 12:15, p.m., you can see how fans may have been disappointed. CBS Sports only had a vague comment, saying that the site was down due to overwhelming demand, but did not exactly man up or apologize.

The effects that CBS’s blunder has had are interesting to take a look at. If you looked on social media, it was mixed with comments that talked about how people in the 21st century should not have to worry about a site not working, how CBS should have known that there would be a spike in the traffic, and that people should not have waited until the last minute to fill out their bracket. Downdetector, an online service that detects digital outages caculated that’s complaints rose to 2,099 every 15 minutes around noon on Thursday, while that number was at about zero before and after the site’s crash. There is no clear evidence that the two are related, but it is also interesting to note that CBS’s stock fell 1.3% on Thursday.


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