Will the Warriors go 73-9?

By: Kento Kato

With the Golden State Warriors, who are 50-5, playing tonight, we take a look at their remaining 27 games and look at if they can beat the 95-96 Bulls record of 72-10.

2/24- @ Miami Heat (W)

While the Heat kept this game close and only lost by 8 in their first matchup, they are still without Chris Bosh. The Heat will keep it close in the first half with their strong defense, but their lack of offensive firepower will hurt them.

2/25- @ Orlando Magic (W)

On the second night of a back to back, against a Magic team that has shown it can keep up with some of the best teams in the league, the game will be closer than many think. The key will be Vucevic who is one of the few big men in the league that can punish Draymond Green and the Warriors for playing small ball. I see the game coming down to the wire but see the Magic shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers and defensive breakdowns down the stretch.

2/27 @ Oklahoma City Thunder (L)

This will be the Warriors’ third game in four nights and will be playing on the road against a hungry Thunder team that they barely beat in Golden State. I see the Thunder taking advantage of the tired Warriors and winning double digits.

3/1 vs. Atlanta Hawks (W)

The Hawks are still a solid team but without consistent shooting on top of the inconsistency by Jeff Teague, they are not the same. The Warriors should come back home, fresh, and angry after losing to Oklahoma City and win by double digits.

3/3 vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (W)

The first matchup in Oklahoma City in Golden State was close but the Warriors will get their revenge for the loss dealt to them a few days prior. Warriors win by double digits.

3/6 @Los Angeles Lakers (W)

With the rise of the Warriors and the fall of the Lakers, more Warriors fans have started to show up in opposing teams’ arenas, especially in California. With many Warriors fans in the stands, they put on a show against a struggling Lakers team and win by 20+ points.

3/7 vs. Orlando Magic (W)

Back in Golden State against on the second half of a back to back, the Warriors start slow but pull away in the second half and win by double digits.

3/9 vs. Utah Jazz (L)

If you look at this matchup on paper, you can see a reasonably big difference in record, and talent between these two teams. But the Jazz are a team, that when healthy, is one of the best defensive teams in the league. They play great team basketball and I see the Warriors, who will be playing their third game in four nights, losing their first home game of the year against the Utah Jazz. Look for Gordon Hayward, who always gets up to play against the best opponents, to have a big game and hit clutch shots down the stretch.

3/11 vs. Portland Trailblazers (W)

The Warriors will be motivated after their first home loss of the season and Steph will look to carry them against Damian Lillard who burned the team for a career high 51 points right after the All-Star break. The Warriors win this one by double digits.

3/12 vs. Phoenix Suns (W)

Playing one of the worst teams in the league, the Warriors take this one easy at home.

3/14 vs. New Orleans Pelicans (W)

The Pelicans have had nothing but bad memories against the Warriors recently. They got swept by them in the first round of the playoffs last year, and they started this season getting scorched by an improved version of the same Steph Curry that burned them last year. It will be the same as the Pelicans, who lack any major talent besides Anthony Davis, will struggle to keep up with the Warriors.

3/16 vs. New York Knicks (W)

The Knicks actually kept it close when the two teams met up in New York. But the Knicks were playing maybe the best basketball of the season and Steph Curry struggled that game. Steph puts up 35 points in 3 quarters and win easily.

3/18 @ Dallas (L)

The Mavericks, one of the few teams to have beat the Warriors this year, will get a chance to play them at home again. The Mavericks have only improved since then as they have gotten some injured players back and Chandler Parsons looks better than ever. The Mavericks win on a buzzer beater by none other than Dirk Nowitzki.

3/19 @ San Antonio Spurs (L)

The Warriors will lose back-to-back games for the first time this season and it will come against the Spurs who they annihilated in their first meeting in Golden State. Popovich, a perfectionist, will do his best to get his team prepared and with Tim Duncan in the lineup this time around, the Spurs will be a lot better. But, this is all assuming that the major players for the Spurs play.

3/21 @ Minnesota Timberwolves (W)

The Timberwolves become the unlucky victims to feel the wrath of an upset Warriors team coming off of back-to-back losses for the first time this season. Warriors win big.

3/23 vs. Los Angeles Clippers (W)

This matchup has been considered one of the best rivalries in the NBA the last few seasons but the Warriors have had the upper hand. The Warriors get back on a winning streak at home against a potential playoff opponent.

3/25 vs. Dallas Mavericks (W)

The Warriors come out and make a statement against a Mavericks team that will be the only team to beat them twice this season. They will win by 20+ points and Steph Curry will watch another 4th quarter from the bench.

3/27 vs. Philadelphia 76ers (W)

See 3/12 against the Phoenix Suns. Different team, different date, same result.

3/29 vs. Washington Wizards (W)

John Wall and co. matchup pretty well even when the Warriors play their deadly small ball. That being said, the Warriors beat the Wizards in another close game and extend their winning streak to 5.

3/30 @ Utah Jazz (W)

The Warriors go to Utah and get their revenge. They win comfortably.

4/1 vs. Boston Celtics (L)

This will be the third game in four nights against a Boston team that almost gave them their first loss of the season. The Celtics take this one in Golden State in a close one that goes to double over time.

4/3 vs. Portland Trailblazers (W)

The Warriors go back to their winning ways at home and do their damage quick coming off a home loss.

4/5 vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (W)

This will be an easy win for the Warriors who look to get ready for their playoff run.

4/7 vs. San Antonio Spurs (W)

The Warriors pick up their first win against a Spurs team with Duncan. It will be close and the nationally televised game should be one of the best matchups of the season.

4/9 @ Memphis Grizzlies (W)

The Grizzlies lost Jeff Green and Courtney Lee to a trade, and lost Marc Gasol to an injury. They will battle, slow the game down, and try to gut it out, but their lack of outside shooting will hurt them and the Warriors will win.

4/10 @ San Antonio Spurs (W)

I see Popovich resting at least one of his starters for this game giving the Warriors an easy win. It will be yet another nationally televised game that is hyped up, only to see a blow out at the hands of the defending champions.

4/14 vs. Memphis Grizzlies (W)

In an attempt to tie the 72-10 record, the Warriors get off to a strong start in their last game of the season.

So I have the Warriors finishing 72-10 and tying the historical 95-96 Bulls team. They have been on a historical pace so far and their MVP, Steph Curry is playing as well anybody has in recent memory. That being said, there are a few games that could turn out to be trap games and a few games that will be tough due to the scheduling. Any of this could change due to an injury to either the Warriors or an opponent. Regardless, it will be interesting an interesting second half of the season to see if the Warriors can pull it out down the stretch.

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