What’s Going On In Sacramento?

By: Kento Kato

The Kings have been in the news a lot recently and they are at it again today. After the 120-100 loss to Cavs, Kings point guard, Rajon Rondo was quoted as saying, “With optional shootarounds it’s tough. … When 3 or 4 guys show up for shootaround this morning, how can you expect to win.?” According to Jake Fischer of SB Nation and Sports Illustrated, Rondo, Omri Caspi, and Seth Curry were the only ones to show up to the optional shoot around. Most will say that nothing in the NBA is really optional, and after losing seven of their last eight games, more players should have been at the shoot around. You could also argue that catching up on some sleep in the middle of a long East Coast road trip is totally reasonable. Now, if this were it, then this news would end in a simple debate on if it was okay for players to miss the so-called “optional” shoot around. But this is the Kings, and they seem to like to make headlines for head scratching reasons.

What happened after Fischer tweeted Rondo’s quote was the strangest part. Just twenty minutes later, Kings forward Quincy Acy denied that information, telling Fischer to recheck his source. Another Kings forward, Caron Butler also disputed the quote. Rondo was quoted as saying this by a few different reporters, so it seems like a sure thing that he said this. So what is going in the Sacramento locker room. Was Rondo lying? Maybe there were multiple shoot arounds. Were Acy and Butler complaining about Rondo? Maybe the media? Things have hit pretty close to rock bottom in Sacramento and with a George Karl firing looming, the only thing that could make this whole situation worse is a DeMarcus Cousins meltdown. Will this organization get it together? And if so, what will it take? For the time being, it looks like they are content making headlines for the wrong reasons.

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